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Opening Monologue: The Politics Show

The following is a transcript of the opening monologue I do at the top of each show on WGN Radio. My show, the Saturday Night Special, is a single-topic program on which I discuss one topic all night. This week, I talked about, what else?, politics.

It used to be, not even so long ago that we all know the two topics to avoid at the dinner table– religion and politics. But I think we can all agree that there’s been a shift in that, like it or not, and both topics are being discussed more openly, and certainly more often than either have been in a while. At least, the political part of that duo of taboo, anyway.

So, usually, on the saturday night Special, we tackle a big topic, then spend the whole show unearthing as many aspects of it as we can, with help from various experts and academics connected to the field.

But if we aim to tackle the behemoth topic of simply “politics,” that can be a lot of things. Headlines from just this week? A look at a particular area of politics like statehouse or national? International? We’d need far more than just a single show to even make a dent in that.

Yet, no matter how you voted, i think we can all also agree that we’re in a period of change. One that will likely be looked back on years from now as one of rapid social change– at least… one can only hope. And, while the topic of politics used to be taboo until we were certain we were in the company of only those with whom we agreed, one can also argue that in such a time, it’s important to talk, and talk and keep talking.

And, tonight’s no different in that indeed we’ll stay on one theme and wrestle with as much of it as we can. Only, tonight, I’m pairing the usual Saturday Night Special with one of the other programs I do here on WGN Radio– and that’s Guth & Huppke on Politics, a pretty irreverent political show in which Chicago Tribune columnist Rex Huppke and I examine the latest political headlines in a given week.

Rex is here in studio with us tonight and we’ll be taking a look at many of this week’s political headlines, and looking at the bigger picture of each for context.

I’m Amy Guth and that’s all coming up tonight on the Saturday Night Special on 720 WGN.

(Break for show opener music)

Tonight we are talking about this week’s political headlines,joined by Chicago Tribune columnist Rex Huppke, who is in studio with us tonight to cohost. We do a weekly podcast– Guth and Huppke on Politics– on and on itunes if you want to subscribe. But for now, we’ll be unpacking the big political stories from the week, at least as many as we can, during the show tonight.

Given the very busy political landscape, we have a lot to analyze and sift through tonight so I can’t promise we’ll have room for a ton opf calls, but if you do, be sweet to esteemed produced Tom Hush when you do.

We’ll be right back to get the conversation underway, on 720-WGN.

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