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Opening Monologue: Organizations for Children

The following is a transcript of the opening monologue I do at the top of each show on WGN Radio. My show, the Saturday Night Special, is a single-topic program on which I discuss one topic all night. This week, I discussed organizations that serve children.

Given the Illinois budget, or, non-budget as the case may be, it’s weighing on a lot of minds how various agencies and programs might be impacted.

But, whether dependent on state funding, private foundations or passing the hat one dollar at a time, people, plenty of people, depend on community organizations every day. And, especially important is it to protect and serve the most vulnerable in our communities, specifically I mean, children.

No matter how you feel about school lunches, organic food, free breakfast programs, gun violence, global trade, poverty, racism, sexism, science, healthcare, or the Illinois budget crisis, I think we can all agree that every single child deserves and has a right to food, shelter, education, safety, health, joy and love.

And, everyday in communities around the world, and right here in Chicago is no exception, for some children, through fault of their own, those needs simply aren’t met.

Sometimes needs take the form of basic things many of us take for granted– safety, food, shelter, clothing, and care– and sometimes they take other forms, like access to books and other learning tools, even encouragement.

Tonight, we’re taking a look at organizations right here in Chicago doing grassroots work, one young person at a time, to help ensure that happens– that as many children as possible have what they need ranging from basic necessities to community, support and encouragement. So, tonight, the politics don’t matter, and it’s not productive to blame anyone.

Tonight, what does matter is the work being done by people we’ll speak with who are behind organizations helping kids be their best.

Indeed, preparing for tonight’s show, I found a dizzying number of wonderful people and organizations doing amazing and impactful work in Chicago and beyond. We can’t possibly represent everyone but tonight we’ll talk with four people from for organizations doing this very important work, stretching resources and helping serve children in Chicago and beyond.

I’m Amy Guth and that’s all coming up tonight on the Saturday night Special.

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Tonight on the program, we’ll be talking with the people behind four different organizations devoted to helping underserved or underrepresented young people. We’ll talk with an organization called Bernie’s Book Bank, which is devoted to providing young people with books 12 years at a time, another iGrow Chicago which aims to foster creativity, wellness and empowerment for young people through educational programs, mentorship and sustainable farming right here in the city, with the Chicago chapter of Engineering for kids, which helps nurture STEM education for kids, especially for girls, and we’ll talk with the leader of Corporate Accountability Lab, an organization here in Chicago who fights for extremely vulnerable children around the globe.

We have a lot to do, a lot to discuss and a lot to learn tonight, and have a pretty packed show, so i can’t swear we’ll be able to take too many calls, but 312-981-7200– and esteemed producer Tom Hush will be the first voice on the other end of the line if you do have a comment or question for one of our guests, or you can find me on social media — Twitter, FB and Instagram.

We’ll be right back to get this conversation underway, on 720-WGN.

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