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Overnight radio, how I remember thee

Filling in last night on WGN Radio for Patti Vasquez, I jumped back into my old routine of hosting overnight radio on the 11pm to 2am shift. I did that shift just fine for a couple of years before moving to the Saturday 7-9pm weekly time slot I have now, and returning to it was like riding a bike. A bike that is grateful to now be getting more sleep and getting up early.

Being radio-alert at that hour happens with a deliberate schedule leading up to it. Timing dinner just right, alternating caffeine and slap-happy-ness, then a big shot of Valerian tea to undo the caffeine and get to sleep after the show are all key.

But, during the overnight radio caffeine dance, my fill-in cohost, Jen Bosworth, and I had a hill of fun. We talked with filmmaker Marie Ullrich (and bike messenger Margot Considine from Cut Cats Couriers— an employee-owned bike delivery service) far too briefly about filmmaking, filmmaking while female, bike messengers, fear, and hesitation. Marie’s films are gorgeous. Look at this trailer. Also, this one.

Jen and I also talked about fear (again), vulnerability, neurological pathways and being wired for confidence. About fighting, horror movies, true crime shows, and making caffeine work for you. About punk bands (briefly), and a bunch of other stuff. We’re in every night this week save for Friday. Then I’m back Saturday for the noon Business Lunch show and the Saturday Night Special. This week’s SNS topic: tattoos. Love.

Listen to Monday night’s full show at

Overnight radio at WGN - July 11, 2017

Margot Considine (Cut Cats Couriers), filmmaker Marie Ullrich, Jen Bosworth and Amy Guth | WGN Radio, Chicago