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Opening monologue: body and mind wellness

Opening monologue from the body and mind wellness episode of The Saturday Night Special on WGN Radio: Listen to full show >>

It’s the first episode of the Saturday Night Special in 2018 and, to be sure, we are talking about how to make the year ahead a great one– in particular body and mind health and wellness.

Certainly, we throw around phrases like “this year it will be different” and “new year! New me!” and make all sorts of grandiose plans, but do we stick to those large promises?

According to US News and World Report, 80% of our hopeful plans for self-improvement will fail before February. And only 8% of us will achieve our new year’s resolutions at all by this time next year. Oof. That’s not very uplifting data.

So, how can we change the odds and set ourselves up to beat them? Well, nothing will guarantee our success with anything on earth, but our guests tonight are going to help put the odds in our favor.

We’ll talk with Dr. Lisa Kaplan about how to keep ourselves motivated and set truly meaningful goals, with yogini and entrepreneur Amber Karnes of Body Positive Yoga about rethinking how we think about and talk about our bodies, with social scientist Dr. Judith Tedlie Moskowitz about thinking positively, especially in stressful times, and from the Field Museum, Aimee Davis, to talk about expanding our horizons with institutions right here in our city.

That’s all coming up tonight on the Saturday Night special. We’ll be right back to get this conversation underway, on 720-WGN.

Listen to full show >>