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Let’s work together

Let’s work together. Here’s what I do…

This is my business card.

Short version:

I make films, host radio on WGN-720, make videos for mover and shaker types, train said mover and shaker types to be great on broadcast and learn how to get invited back, founded a Chicago podcast network, teach people about digital media, write fiction and opinion pieces, teach people to use their expertise for change, and publish non-fiction.

Long version:

I’m Founder/Executive Director of Strangewaze, a Chicago-based film, video and multimedia production company specializing in film and multimedia work by, for and about underrepresented voices. I always want to talk about media and publishing collaborations. (email)

In addition documentary and narrative film production, we also offer video packages and custom videography for authors, artists, entrepreneurs, speakers/policy-makers, and small businesses.

In addition to film and videography work, I also teach personal broadcast media training and in-depth pitching how-to, drawing on my twenty years of experience in newsrooms, broadcast stations and media leadership roles, including my role as President of Association for Women Journalists Chicago, and a Senior Facilitator at The Op-Ed Project, as well as my own work which has appeared in Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, WGN-TV, WCIU-TV, WBEZ-AM, Baltimore Sun, Orlando Sentinel, and Hartford Courant.

Previously, I led social media + SEO for Chicago Tribune, worked with Tribune’s East Coast newsroom social strategies and tactics and taught a digital media course at University of Chicago. During that time I taught social media masterclasses, newsroom trainings on social media and SEO and trained over 1,000 people within Tribune Company, and have trained another 1,200 since as a consultant to various companies, newsrooms, institutions and non-profits. I’m all about keeping it no-bullshit, no-buzzword, and super time efficient, all while tackling your larger business and search engine goals through your daily social media habits.

Lastly, because everything I do is about sharing stories, I write fiction and opinion pieces, and edit a lot, too. I help writers work through the many issues associated with writing, from fast turnaround editorial coaching and pitching news-based pieces and essays, to making good writing great, to navigating the business sides of the writing and journalism worlds. In short, I’ll help you run out of excuses and kick procrastination the curb much faster.

That’s what I do. What do you do? I always want to talk about training, media and publishing collaborations, big ideas, and “wouldn’t it be cool, if…” sort of things. So, email me and let’s talk.