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Social Media

Twitter: @AmyGuth | FB: Amy Guth | Instagram: @AmyGuth | IMDB: Amy Guth

See also:

Strangewaze (Founder/Exec. Dir.)

Yak Channel (Co-Founder)

The Op-Ed Project (Sr. Facilitator)

WGN Radio (host)


“37 Influential Media People Shaping Chicago” (link)

“50 Chicago Women Who Owned 2015,” (link)

“Social Media Week Chicago shares how to quiet trolls and other advice,” Chicago Tribune (Nov. 2015)

“New documentary series captures what it’s actually like to be a woman online,” Daily Dot (Nov. 2015)

“A click too far,” Fort Worth Weekly (Nov. 2015)

“How women are silenced today,” Chicago Sun-Times (Nov. 2015)

“Guth Documentary on How Women Are Fighting Online Harassment,” Free Thought Blogs (Oct. 2015)

“Journalist Amy Guth wants to give the web back to women,” Coming of Faith (Oct. 2015)

“Amy Guth: Using the Best of the Internet to Fight the Worst of the Internet,” WGN-AM 720 (Oct. 2015)

Online harassment documentary interview, “You & Me This Morning” (Oct. 2015)

“Amy Guth Wants To Tackle Women’s Harassment Online In New Documentary Series,” Chicagoist (Oct. 2015)

“Amy Guth Takes Aim at Internet Trolls and Harassers,” Chicago Ambassador (Oct. 2015)

“Amy Guth takes aim at online harassment of women,” Robert Feder (Oct. 2015)

“Amy Guth leaving RedEye, Metromix,” Robert Feder (May 2015)

Interview, Columbia College Chicago Lab Review blog (Feb. 2015)

“Tribune names Amy Guth general manager of RedEye, Metromix,” Robert Feder (Aug. 2013)

“Author Amy Guth of the Pilcrow Lit Fest + So New Publishing,” Eco-Libris (Jan. 2009)

Chicago Center for Literature and Photography podcast (May 2008)

“Local author brings writers together,” Oy! Chicago (May 2008)

“Introducing Amy Guth,” Jewcy (Aug. 2007)

“How do you type the umlaut?,” Sarah & The Goon Squad (Sept. 2006)

Interview @ Shell’s: Part One and Part Two (June 2007)

“Amy Guth Has Really Fucking Cool Glasses,” Kitschen Table (Sept. 2006)

“Three Fallen Women,” Shaking Her Assets (Sept. 2006)

“Amy Guth: the interview,” All The Way From Oy To Vey (Sept. 2006)