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What We Get Wrong When We Talk About Equal Pay Day,” Medium, April 2017

The March? Let It Be But A Step,” Huffington Post, January 2017

Instead of making a rideshare app only for women, let’s solve the real problem,” Medium, April 2016

Online harassment silences women’s voices, and the last thing we need is to hide in a women-only social network,” Medium, Sept. 2015

Chicago Tribune social media columnChicago Tribune print, online and mobile editions, various 2009-2013

ChicagoNow, Chicago literary blogger, 2009-10

The Nervous Breakdown, contributor, 2008-9

Deusexpagina, “All This Stunning Brightness of the Tale,” 2008

Ninth Letter literary journal, contributor, summer 2008 print edition

Monkeybicycle, Feet In Socks, 2007, Million Writers Award nominee and listed among StorySouth’s Notable Stories of 2007

Six Sentences micro flash fiction literary journal: Knew But Somehow Lost, At Sevens, Women of Fists and Bottles, Eavesdrop, Under This Cover of Quiet 2006-7

Unfinished Stories #54For The Sea of Pill, Feb. 07

Three Fallen Women,” novel, 2007 (So New Media)

Bookslut, literary critic, 2006-7

Monkeybicycle Issue #5, contributor, 2006

Four Magazine, contributor, 2006

The Believer, contributor, 2005

The Complete Meal, staff writer, 2003-4

PerformInk, contributor, 2003

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